c4dpy not working on OS x 10.12

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm trying to install c4dpy interpreter to pycharm following :

    I'm stuck at the step where he runs it on the terminal:

    4)Drag the c4dpy file into the Terminal window and press return.
    5)c4dpy should run without error and enter Python interactive interpreter >>>.

    On mine terminal it's not running and I get the following error:

    WARNING: symbol 'g_privateBinary' is missing. error: dlsym(0x7fa647401b20, g_privateBinary): symbol not found [osx_dll.cpp(152)] [general.cpp(386)]
    WARNING: symbol 'g_privateBinary' is missing. error: dlsym(0x7fa647700820, g_privateBinary): symbol not found [osx_dll.cpp(152)] [general.cpp(386)]
    Segmentation fault: 11
    I have a student edition of Cinema4d, may be this the problem?

    Any help?

  • Hi,

    We'll need a few days to investigate this.
    Which type of Cinema 4D student license are you using? The free student license or the one for purchase?

  • Hi,

    It seems you are trying to run c4dpy with Cinema 4D R19.
    The new executable c4dpy was introduced with R20 and only works with such version. Previous releases are not supported.

  • Thank you. Yes, I'm using Cinema 4d R19

  • Note c4dpy does not work with a R20 free educational license. But c4dpy runs fine with a paid R20 student license.

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