Check if Object is Spline Type

  • Hello, I need to check if an Object is a Spline. By that I mean not only a SplineObject but also any kind of Spline Generator like TextSpline, Mospline, Circlespline etc.

    With this Code I usually Check if a Object is a Generator or Deformer (Modifier). But I did not find a way for checking for Splines.

    obj_info = obj.GetInfo()
        is_generator = obj_info & c4d.OBJECT_GENERATOR

  • Hi @HolgerBiebrach, welcome back in this forum.
    First of all, I would like to point you, to our Q&A functionnality in order to use as best as we can the new features offered by the forum.
    I let you set up your first post as a question.

    Moreover please use the 3 single quote markdown in order to make code block ```your code```.

    With that's said, regarding your question you can simply check for c4d.OBJECT_ISSPLINE like so bool(op.GetInfo() & c4d.OBJECT_ISSPLINE).

    If you have any questions please let me know.

  • Hi Maxime. Thanks a lot. That helped me.

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