UNSOLVED question about Team Render

I am making a Team Render plugin in LAN,And i successed to use the API "GetAllMachineUuids" collecting other machine's Uid,but then it was failed to verify these machines using "VerifyServerOnClient",I don't know where the error gave rise to this problem on my code ,Could anyone show me the example of connection in Team Render?

my part of code:

if (TeamRender::GetInstance()->NetRender != nullptr)
	maxon::BaseArray<C4DUuid> MachineArrayUuids;
	TeamRender::GetInstance()->NetRender->GetAllMachineUuids(MachineArrayUuids, MACHINELIST_ONLINE, VERIFICATIONBIT::VERIFICATIONBIT_SHARED, false, true);
	for(int i = 0;i < MachineArrayUuids.GetCount(); i++)
		Machine* _machine = TeamRender::GetInstance()->NetRender->FindMachine(MachineArrayUuids[i], MACHINELIST_ONLINE, VERIFICATIONBIT_VERIFIED);
		TeamRender::GetInstance()->NetRender->VerifyServerOnClient(THREADMODE_ASYNC, MachineArrayUuids[i],"175",false,false,30000);
		machine = _machine->GetNext();

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I've never worked with TR in C++, so I may be of little help here.
Just a guess, but your line FindMachine seems to filter only already verified machines? Shouldn't be VERIFICATIONBIT set to VERIFICATIONBIT_NONE instead of VERIFICATIONBIT_VERIFIED?
Do you get any error messages?

Hi zhhm156, thanks for writing us.

First of all in order to be helpful it would be really useful if you could provide an idea on what's your plugin is trying to achieve and describe a little bit better the workflow you've in mind.

That said, being the TR module pretty undocumented, I'm currently investigating how to properly use it in external plugins and I'll report back asap.

Last but not least, for the sake of code-correctness, I warmly suggest to avoid long code statement where nested pointers are used without being validated. This is a error-prone coding approach responsible for unexpected issues and should be avoided if possible.

Best, Riccardo.

Hi zhhm156, so for coming late here, but it took more than expected.

After getting in contact with the team in charge of the development and making some further researches, it appears that the VerifyServerOnClient function is indeed deprecated.

I'll get back on this discussion in the future to notify about potential workaround to achieve a similar functionality.

Best, Riccardo