Adding a Watch for Maxon variables in VC C++

How can I, in VC C++, add a watch for a maxon defined type.

For example, I like to add a watch for the variable myLoggerLine.

String myLoggerLine;
myLoggerLine = "Test line"_s;

In the old forum asked the same question and I got this answer:
"You need to go to and click 'Additional Downloads' then get the 'C4D Typeview for Visual Studio 2010' archive. Install that (instructions in the zip) and you will be able to see the string content in the VS windows."

Is there something simular for R20 and vs2015?

Yes, see here:
You can either include them in your project or add them directly to your VS Visualizers.

By the way, keep in mind that you can only add new watches when in break mode.

Thank you.