Forum Index CSS Styling


I know that design is subjective, but I'd like to request that you change the CSS styling of the topic headings from UPPERCASE to Capitalize. At least from my perspective, it's much easier to read and scan for topics of interest when each word is clearly broken up with spacing & sizing.



I believe this is the CSS selector:

I'm actually going with this suggestion. Uppercase Headlines don't work well in forums.

Hi Donovan, thanks for the feedback.

Actually the capitalized style takes place when a topic is still in an "unread" state for you. As you can check all topics that are listed by clicking on the Unread button have capitalized titles, but differently clicking on the Recent button you will see that some topics are capitalized and some are not because of the different "read" state.

We think that the capitalized version for unread topics provides an additional feedback layer for forum users and can be quite handy to immediately determine the "read" state when browsing the different categories.

Cheers, Riccardo

Hi Riccardo,

Thank you for your perspective and for taking the time to reply.

I can see why this would be helpful for the forum mods who need to read every single message, but for folks like myself who only visit occasionally, every title is all-caps which makes it harder to track down the posts that are most interesting/relevant to my interests.

Also, when I'm viewing the Unread message queue, all of the titles are all-caps, even though it doesn't add helpful visual information (as all posts in that queue will always be unread, and thus all-caps).

Perhaps it could be a user-preference?


Hi Donovan,

thanks for your feedback. Currently we are bound mostly by DevKitchen preparations. But we promise to get back to this issue and think about other options as soon as we find the time.

Until then: If you click on the "unread message queue", there in the top right you have commands to mark messages as read, either all or just for certain categories. Maybe this can at least ease your pain, until we find the time to address the issue.