Can't compile plugin on Mac OSX

Hello PluginCafe,
I recently started to develope my plugins crossplatfrom (windwos and mac).
I am using Mac OSX High Sierre and Xcode 8.3.3 and I am using the R18 framework/sdk.
Now to my problem:
Compiling the example SDK works perfectly fine, no errors what so ever. However, as soon as I try to compile my own project (followed the "Xcode: Setup Project by Cloning cinema4dsdk" from the R19 online doc) I get errors in the apibasemath.h which is located in the cinema.framework project. And this confuses me quite a bit.
The errors are:
alt text
I have absolutely no idea what the problem is or what is causing it, since compiling the example sdk worked perfectly.
Mac OSX is not my got-to os so I don't know too much about it (actually used it for this project for the first time).

EDIT: After some investigation I noticed that this problem only occures when I add my (needed) include directories to the 'header path'. I use the Optix/Cuda sdk/api from NVidia.
It does not solve my issue, but I guess I know what's causing it?

I hope somebody can help me with this problem!

Kind regards,

Just one point to note here, if you are compiling for R18 then you need to be using XCode 7.

You can see the versions of XCode required here:


difficult to tell. Is this already happening, just by adding the CUDA include paths to the project or do you actually need to include from the framework as well?
Maybe there's something with the order of includes? Or something needs to be undefined again, after including CUDA somewhere?
Just guess work, here at the SDK Team we have no experience with the CUDA framework at all.