R20 Mac development

Question about Mac (hardware) requirement for R20 development...

So, according to the docs, "Xcode 9" is required...

  • Xcode 9 requires OS X " Sierra macOS 10.12.4 or later" (according to the interweb - but the official stance is "High Sierra 10.13.2 or later")
  • Sierra (and/or High Sierra) will not run on my 17" iMac (5.1) circa 2006

...I don't really have any spare cash to buy a new (more modern) Mac, so shopping around e-bay to see what's available (for cheap).

It looks like pretty much any Mac Mini from 2010 forward can run Sierra/High Sierra... they have early to late i3/i5/i7 CPUs, 4-8GB memory and a usable HD/SSD for a few hundred bucks (used, of course) but...

Is there any reason you can't use one for compiling? Are there plans to require even later Mac OS X in the next few years?



I'm still running El Capitan on my MacBook, for various reasons, and therefore can not use XCode 9 on that machine either. So far, I had no problems building the projects for R20 with XCode 8. That doesn't mean there are no problems, but I haven't had any.

Only asking personal code questions here.


in general it is not really us driving these system requirements. Only by the aspect of using later C++ standards the requirements for Xcode rise (comparatively moderate). The system requirements of Xcode are beyond us.

As Frank points out, in theory Xcode 8 may be doing its job. But I'd like to emphasize here, we won't be able to support anybody with issues arising from the use of an unsupported toolchain.


Thanks for the responses guys... I think I've found a virtual solution/work-around for the time-being.