R20 Mac development

  • Question about Mac (hardware) requirement for R20 development...

    So, according to the docs, "Xcode 9" is required...

    • Xcode 9 requires OS X " Sierra macOS 10.12.4 or later" (according to the interweb - but the official stance is "High Sierra 10.13.2 or later")
    • Sierra (and/or High Sierra) will not run on my 17" iMac (5.1) circa 2006

    ...I don't really have any spare cash to buy a new (more modern) Mac, so shopping around e-bay to see what's available (for cheap).

    It looks like pretty much any Mac Mini from 2010 forward can run Sierra/High Sierra... they have early to late i3/i5/i7 CPUs, 4-8GB memory and a usable HD/SSD for a few hundred bucks (used, of course) but...

    Is there any reason you can't use one for compiling? Are there plans to require even later Mac OS X in the next few years?



  • I'm still running El Capitan on my MacBook, for various reasons, and therefore can not use XCode 9 on that machine either. So far, I had no problems building the projects for R20 with XCode 8. That doesn't mean there are no problems, but I haven't had any.

  • Hi,

    in general it is not really us driving these system requirements. Only by the aspect of using later C++ standards the requirements for Xcode rise (comparatively moderate). The system requirements of Xcode are beyond us.

    As Frank points out, in theory Xcode 8 may be doing its job. But I'd like to emphasize here, we won't be able to support anybody with issues arising from the use of an unsupported toolchain.


  • Thanks for the responses guys... I think I've found a virtual solution/work-around for the time-being.