VideoPost execution in TeamRender

Hello Everyone,
I have made a VideoPost plugin which needs an NVidia GPU to work.
The VideoPost is made so it wil be executed after the image is fully rendered.
The only thing that I don't know is, if one has added the VideoPost plugin and renders the image using TeamRender, does every machine need a NVidia GPU and the plugin? Or will the plugin only be executed on the machine it got added?
I am asking because I currently don't have the possibillity to test the plugin in a TeamRender enviroment.

Hope someone can answer those questions!
Thanks in advance,


it depends...

Via the NETRUNONSERVER flag (to be returned from GetRenderInfo()) a VideoPost specifies, that it can be run on the server.
Where the VideoPost is actually executed in the end, depends on the scenario. For a distributed single frame rendering, such a VideoPost will be executed on the server. On the other hand, for animation rendering, where every client finishes entire frames, the VideoPost will nevertheless be executed on the clients.