About Tags and Tagging

Dear Community,

considering the recent release of the new discussion board, we'd like to open a discussion on tags, tagging operations and anything orbiting around such topics.

The tagging paradigm we've decided to adopt in this board replaces the need for sub-categories and makes contributors' life easier when it comes to posting a new support topic (due to the limited number of main categories). The reverse side of this easy-to-go approach is that without topics being properly tagged searching for things could get harder and harder resulting in a weak knowledge-base.

For this reason, once more please make up your mind on tags and read the following topics:

As you could have already experienced, every category in this forum has its own whitelist of tags that can be updated from time to time and that should help the visitor making himself comfortable with them. Since the whitelists aren't set in stone as well as the single tags are not, we'd like to hear from you about the tags that you'd consider relevant, those that might be purged or, finally, which tags should be moved/copied in which category.

Although we decided, after a long discussion, for these tags and tag whitelists trying to get ourselves in your shoes, feel free to contribute to this discussion with comments or questions and we'll be glad to answer and lead all together to a better tagging system.

    MAXON SDK Team

As a heads up the "Tags" icon disappears when writing a post in full-screen mode. Perhaps this is why people aren't tagging as often? Also, perhaps you could add a 1-tag minimum for all posts to encourage tagging?

Hi Donovan, thanks for getting back here.

With regard to the tagging button I confirm that it doesn't show up when replying in an existing topic, but it indeed shows-up when a new topic is created.

With regard your second suggestion to set a minimum number of tags for a new topic to be created, it sounds as a good idea and I think we'll talk about it.

Cheers, Riccardo

@r_gigante If you use the fullscreen button
The tag button disappears from the Lower Left, even when starting a new thread.

@dskeithbuck : actually I do still have it clicking the "Zen"(or full-screen) mode when creating a new topic.

What browser/OS are you using?

Cheers, Riccardo

@dskeithbuck : I've checked again on different browsers and it seems that only on Firefox I'm getting the UI I've shown in the post above. All the other tested browsers (Edge, Safari, Opera and Vivaldi) it works exactly the way you reported.

I'm going then to rise the question in the nodeBB community.

Thanks again for contributing to the discussion.