Wonderful Project tool

I read manual, repeat with sdk (zip file), compile succesfully and start thinking about author of tool. I'm fan of Niklas Rosenstein and his craftr. New tool reminds me craftr.

Thanks a'lot for tool!


the Project Tool is developed by MAXON internally to handle our project setups. We share it with you so everyone can create Cinema 4D plugins the same way MAXON does.

We are very glad to hear that you like it and hope it makes your work easier.

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Hey @iluxa7k -- nice to hear you liked Craftr! I'm still developing it actually. I just recently updated it. Craftr itself has changed a lot, and the C4D build module was updated for R20.

Craftr doesn't use the project tool but does invoke the R20 source preprocessor. I still use it over the project tool as it integrates in my existing ecosystem and I can compile for R19 and R20 without needing to keep multiple project files in sync.

Anyway, I won't be able to maintain Craftr intensively in the future, so if you create a plugin for R20+ only, I'd recommend using the project tool. ;-)

Hello @iluxa7k,

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