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  • The PluginCafé is a discussion and support forum for MAXON Cinema 4D plugin developers.

    For general information on Cinema 4D visit our corporate website.

    All available resources can be found on our Developers' Blog.

    Before posting, please make yourself familiar with the forum rules and conduct:

    With regard to the new functionalities delivered with this board, please visit:

    Please post your questions on Cinema 4D plugin development and scripting in this forum.

    Online resources are available as:

    C++ and Python examples can also be found on GitHub in the PluginCafé repository.

    Since the C++ and Python API present the same classes and functions, Python developers can also consult the C++ documentation.

    Please use the following tags in your threads:

    • R19, R20, R21 : the used Cinema 4D version;
    • microsoft windows, apple macos : the development environment;
    • c++, python: the programming language/API;

    or general labels like:

    • plugin migration: porting older plugins to the Cinema R20 SDK;
    • project setup: creating new project files using the projectdefinition.txt file;
    • project tool: using the Project Tool;
    • api + issue: issues with the API;
    • **documentation + issue: issues in the documentation;
    • sdk + issue: issues in the example projects.

    MAXON's SDK Team

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