Developer Support

The PluginCafé is moderated by the MAXON SDK Team. The team will try to answer questions related to Cinema 4D plugin development and to provide information about the Cinema 4D APIs.

General development resources can be found on the Developers Blog

Please see also Forum Rules & Conduct.

Depending on the nature of a query, an answer can be made quickly or perhaps take several days. In general, it is our goal to get to you within two work days (although we cannot be asked to guarantee it).

What the SDK Team can't do:

  • we cannot help you learn C++ or Python;
  • we cannot debug your plugins;
  • we will not write code for you;
  • depending on the complexity of your problem, we are not obliged to help you;
  • we will not give support for non-public functions/variables/hooks;
  • while discussing complex issues internally with the developers, we will not establish a direct channel or link to our developers;
  • MAXON is not obliged to make any change to the SDK at your request.