How to Post Questions

When posting questions please make sure to use the correct category.

Please add tags to your posts to help in organizing the forum. Tags can be selected by a drop-down list provided by the tagging button on the bottom/left of the composer. Tags are also filtered depending on the category where the post/topic is supposed to appear: different categories offer different tags.

For example, when posting in "Cinema 4D Development", you can add (but not limited to):

  • R19, R20: the used Cinema 4D version;
  • microsoft windows, apple macos: the development environment;
  • c++, python: the programming language/API;

or more generic labels like:

  • plugin migration: porting older plugins to the Cinema R20 SDK;
  • project setup: creating new project files using the projectdefinition.txt file;
  • project tool: using the Project Tool;
  • API + issue: issues with the API;
  • documentation + issue: issues in the documentation;
  • SDK + issue: issues in the example projects.

For example, when posting in "General Programming and Plugins", you can add (but not limited to):

  • general programming: for programming questions not related to the Cinema 4D APIs (e.g. using compilers, libraries, etc.);
  • jobs & collaboration: for development jobs or collaboration requests;
  • showcase: for presenting completed plugins;
  • C++, python: the programming language.

This forum uses Markdown. See

Please use Markdown to format code like `SomeFunction()` or a complete code block:

BaseObject* const cube = BaseObject::Alloc(Ocube);
if (cube == nullptr)
    return maxon::OutOfMemoryError(MAXON_SOURCE_LOCATION);

This forum also offer a Q&A functionality, please make use of it.