Camera Commands

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I'm not sure how to activate/deactivate camera commands with python. Do I need to get the active basedraw and use c4d.BaseList2D.__setitem__() to set the state for things like Object Mode, Cursor Mode, etc?

I see that in the symbols there is IDS_CAMERACOMMAND_OBJECTMODE but i'm not sure where to plug that into toggle on and off?

Thank you

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these commands are called with CallCommand(). But the ID you found is just the ID of the resource string, not the one of the actual command you need.
The command IDs can be found either by opening the Script Log (menu Script) and afterwards calling the needed command from menu. Or you can use the Customize Commands dialog (menu Window -> Customization).
For Object Mode it is:

c4d.CallCommand(440000094) # camera object mode

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Thanks for the reply Andreas. Is there a way to check if the Camera Object Mode is active too? I'm pretty sure that can't be done with the Call Commands correct?

for example:
if Camera Object Mode != Active:
Make Active

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You can use IsCommandChecked() for this.

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Perfect, Thank You!