Anyone Interested in DevKitchen 2018?

On 14/08/2018 at 07:32, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Dear Developer Community,

now, that Cinema 4D R20 has been announced, MAXON is planning an event in Frankfurt am Main on November 1st and 2nd, 2018. Due to the rather large changes inside of the SDK's, we are thinking about having a DevKitchen in parallel to this event.

The DevKitchen would be a one day event with several presentations targeted at plugin developers. Currently we have the following topics in mind:

  • MAXON API - General Concepts
  • MAXON API - Basic Tools
  • Demo: R19 Plugin Project to R20 Plugin Project
  • Python in R20
  • R20 Features and their APIs

These topics are not set in stone, yet. If you are interested in other topics or have specific topics for discussions, please let us know.

We may also have the option for a second day, probably used for hands-on workshops, if there's enough interest.

Of course the SDK Team will be there almost entirely, so there's also the possibility for additional Q&A and extensive discussions.

DevKitchen itself is free and as a DevKitchen attendee you will also get free access to the entire surrounding event, including free lunch and drinks.

In order for DevKitchen to happen, we would need roughly 15 pre-registrations until September, 16th. Please send such via email: [email protected]

There's another interesting option: As a plugin developer you might want to present your plugins at the event or even do a talk or presentation. If this sounds interesting to you, please contact us for further discussion.

Looking forward to meeting you,
your SDK Team