Get value of chosen Combobox/Dropdown in Layout

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How can I get the value(string) from a combobox dropdown in a layout window?

I can use GetLong to get the subID, but the string and the subId are both created dynamically.

for example if I added the child
I can get 10011 with self.GetLong(1001)
How would I get "Circle" if I knew the (10011)?

Thank you.

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No, in a GeDialog there's no easy way to get the strings stored in a combobox. Instead I'd do it the other way round. Create a dictionary containing the IDs and strings. Then fill the combobox from this dictionary and when reading the value use the dictionary to look up the string by its ID.

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Ok. That makes sense. Thanks

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Is there a good place to learn about python with C4D besides the documentation, which I find a bit confusing.

On 13/08/2018 at 07:21, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Well, usually I recommend the examples coming with the Python SDK documentation.
On our development blog we once collected a bunch of resources, see post Public Resources for Cinema 4D Plugin Development in Python