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Is there a way to set a custom icon to a submenu item created with CommandData::GetSubContainer() ?
My menu is dynamic, so I can't have a unique plugin id for each item.

Using the member doc entry as example, how to set the subid 1000 icon?

[BaseContainer](class_base_container.html) bc;
bc.[SetString](class_base_container.html#ae460ea6b66f90a8b390239c42092f82b)(1, "Submenu Test");
bc.[SetString](class_base_container.html#ae460ea6b66f90a8b390239c42092f82b)(1000, "First Entry");
submenu.[InsData](class_base_container.html#a9d6fd251ff720503b7a11d6b99b74f62)(0, bc);

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It is only possible to use registered icons in menus. Note menu items IDs doesn't have be unique plugin IDs, only the icons IDs.
With a given registered icon ID 123456789 , the text for the menu item has to be constructed like this: "Menu Text &i123456789&".

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Nice trick! How could I miss it?