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    I'm using a library that needs the Viewport to World transform matrix.

    I know BaseView::WS() can be used to convert such coordinate, but I can't find anywhere the Matrix used by it.

    BaseView::GetMg() is clearly is the Camera matrix, not Screen, and since we have also CS() and SC(), there must be a missing matrix somewhere.


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    Hi rsodre, thanks for writing us.

    With regard to your question, you can consider to use BaseView::GetMG() to get the view matrix as well the BaseDraw::GetViewMatrix(DRAW_GET_VIEWMATRIX_PROJECTION) to get the projection matrix. From this point on you are provided with all the bricks to construct your needed matrix.
    Further details on view/projection/model matrix composition can be found here.

    Best, Riccardo

  • On 02/08/2018 at 18:45, xxxxxxxx wrote:

    Got it, thanks!

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