UA only possible in dialog?

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I have a ObjectData plugin which uses a res file to define some attributes.
Thus the res file uses a CONTAINER and not a DIALOG.

Looking at the documentation, I guess I cannot define a User Area using a res file to define attributes.
USERAREA UALIBRARY { ...} gives an error.

So, if this a true, how to define / use a dialog - CreateLayout() - in a ObjectData plugin?


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dialog descriptions and parameter descriptions are two different things.

A dialog description defines the gadgets of a dialog. This includes custom gadgets based on user areas.

The description of an object like ObjectData is a parameter description. It defines the parameters of that object. It is up to the Attribute Manager how to display these parameters. GeDialog and CreateLayout() have nothing to do with ObjectData plugins.

See Resource Files Manual.

It is possible to define the custom GUI that is used to display a certain parameter. You can create such custom GUIs using the C++ classes CustomGuiData and iCustomGui. iCustomGui is based on GeDialog.

You find an example for such a custom GUI in the customgui_string.cpp example.

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Ok, clear.
Thank you.