python tag delay problem

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I met a problem that made me depressed. I have a polygon name "A" object that have a skin deformer.A null Object name "CTR" with a python tag to get "A" point (Index :2)  position to "CTR" position. A spline object name "sp" that have a python tag to control the "sp" point position,A polygon object name "B" that have a spline warp deformer.
 Theoretical caculate sequence:skin deformer of "A" (base priority is Generators : -2, )--->python tag of "CTR",get
the point (index : 2 ) position to "CTR" (python tag base priority is Generators : -1)  --->  python tag of "sp" use "A" position  to control  "sp" point (python tag base priority is Generators: -1) ---> caculate spline wrap deformer of "B"
but delay problem appears with python tag of "CTR" .    
his code

`    A = op[c4d.ID_USERDATA,1]    # Userdata is polygon name "A"  
  AMG = A.GetMg()  
  cache = A.GetDeformCache()  
  CTR = op.GetObject()  
  CTR.SetAbsPos(AMG * cache.GetPoint(2)) 

when i move joint ,the "CTR" position  have delay problem.
Thanks for your help!

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This looks like a priority issue. What's the priority of the Python tag on null object "CTR"? Is it set to Generators?

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yes,skin set Genetators : -2 --> "CTR" Python tag  set Genetators : -1 -->"sp"Python tag set Generators : -1 --> spline warp deformer