Sticky key not being sticky

On 01/07/2018 at 09:59, xxxxxxxx wrote:

User Information:
Cinema 4D Version:   R19 
Platform:   Windows  ;   
Language(s) :     C++  ;


I was experimenting with a CommandData plugin and shortcuts (as sequel on previous question).

Registering a CommandData using the PLUGINFLAG_COMMAND_STICKY, according to the documentation I should be able to detect the user pressing the shortcut key, and releasing it.
In both cases CommandData::Execute would be called.

This, however, is only the case when the user keeps the shortcut pressed long enough.
If the shortcut is pressed shortly and released, only a single Execute is performed on the "down-stroke". The "up-stroke" (release) is never detected.

#include "c4d.h"  
// Dummy IDs - for demonstration purposes only  
#define COMMAND_PLUGIN_ID        1999999
Bool gShowWidget = FALSE;
class MyCommand : public CommandData  
  INSTANCEOF(MyCommand, CommandData)  
  virtual Bool Execute(BaseDocument* doc);  
Bool MyCommand::Execute(BaseDocument* doc)  
  gShowWidget = !gShowWidget;  
  String txt = gShowWidget ? "On" : "Off";  
  GePrint("Widget is " + txt);  
  return TRUE;  
Bool RegisterMyCommand(void)  
  return RegisterCommandPlugin(COMMAND_PLUGIN_ID, "Testing", PLUGINFLAG_COMMAND_STICKY, AutoBitmap("icon.png"), "Test", NewObjClear(MyCommand));  
// ====================================  
// Plugin Main   
// ====================================  
Bool PluginStart(void)  
  return TRUE;  
void PluginEnd(void)   
Bool PluginMessage(Int32 id, void * data)  
  switch (id) {  
  case C4DPL_INIT_SYS:  
      if (!resource.Init())  
          return FALSE;  
      return TRUE;  
      return TRUE;  
      return TRUE;  
  return FALSE;  

On 03/07/2018 at 00:46, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Hi C4D,

thanks for making us aware.

I filled a bug report.

On 03/07/2018 at 09:45, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Thanks for confirming.

I suppose there's no workaround other than to use a SceneHook and check for keystrokes in KeyboardInput ... as has been mentioned by Andreas here

On 04/07/2018 at 00:27, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Hi C4DS,

You are right, SceneHook or a ToolData depending on the context is the way to go.
But as you already discover they got some limitation.

Hope it's a working workaround for you.