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I am trying to do the same thing with a button. But instead of creating a hair object I need it to run "render all materials" from the function menu. Is that possible?

render all materials call command is - c4d.CallCommand(1225)

Thanks 🙂

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Hello Novacon,

yes, that is possible. See mfersaoui's code sample four posts above, it does exactly what you want.
For this to work, the code belongs into a Python tag and the button needs to be placed on the tag, NOT the host object.
Not sure, where you got the command ID from, maybe just a typo, the ID of "Render All Materials" is 12253.

Here's mfersaoui's code with a few more comments for better understanding:

import c4d
# Additional message() function to react to button presses
def message(id, data) :
        id2 = data['id'][0].id
        if id2 == c4d.ID_USERDATA:
            userDataId = data['id'][1].id
            if userDataId == 1: # here you need to change the ID to the one of your button
                # here you can do almost anything in reaction to the button press
                #print "My User Data Tag Button"
                c4d.CallCommand(12253) # Render All Materials
# main() function of the Python tag can still be used as normal.
# For simplicity of this example it's left empty.
def main() :

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Hi Andreas

Thanks a lot that worked 🙂

Is there anyway of getting it to work on the user data of a Null object?

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I'm terribly sorry, I somehow lost your follow up question.
It's not directly possible (MSG_DESCRIPTION_COMMAND is not forwarded from objects to tags), but there's a workaround described in the Listening for Checkbox Clicks in User Data thread.