Best Practice For Imports?

On 14/08/2018 at 18:20, xxxxxxxx wrote:

When I attempt to use the code

with _localimport('') :
    import script_two

an error occurs:
"name _localimport is not defined"

Perhaps there's a library I need to import beforehand.

(I realize this is a very old post but I'm desperate!)

On 16/08/2018 at 02:20, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Hi Hfeist!

First of all welcome in plugin cafe community!

localimport is a module made by Niklas. So you have to download it from github, then import it to your python script.
Niklas also provide a minified version which can be directly used more easily.
Note that you should use localimport instead of _localimport

And finally, if you post any code on the forum, please make sure to use [ code] [ /code] markdown.