Difference AutoFree::Set and Assign

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In the past I have only had to use the constructor of an AutoFree. Thus passing the object in the AutoFree constructor.
Now, I need to assign an object and was wondering what the difference would be between


The documentation mentions the same for both.
Does both free an already assigned object when assigning/setting a new object, or should I first free the existing object (after a Release()) and then perform an Assign/Set?

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Hi Daniels,

In fact, Set And Assign are internally the same functions. But we have both for some historical reason.
So is up to use whatever you want.

AutoFree is a smart pointer, based on scope. So they do not free the "old" pointer when the pointer is defined by Set/Assign. So you have to do it yourself by calling Release + Free of the returned pointer.


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Thanks Maxime,
I had wished this information to be part of the documentation. As it really wasn't clear what the class does with the "old" pointer.

Am I correct to assume that AutoAlloc, AutoNew, AutoPtr all work the same? You need to release and free the old pointed object before assigning a new one
These will only automatically delete the pointed object when going out of scope.

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Thanks for your feedback, it will be added to the documentation.

And yes your assumption is right.