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Cinema 4D Version:   R18 
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I noticed that when the Collider is a subdivided polygon, a raycast falling on a vertex of that polygon collider get marked as 'not colliding'.

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I'm sorry, due to MAXON's yearly developer meeting, we are a bit low on resources this week. Can you maybe provide me with a more detailed description, how to reproduce? Maybe even some code? That would be super helpful.

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Hello, I continued working on it and do not have the python script or the original setup of the c4d  file, however I am afraid that the problem came from the fact that the point I was checking, and the collider had the same elevation ( the point was in the plane of the collider). I spend a good amount of troubleshooting to figure this one out . Two identical planes had different outcomes as to if their points collided or not with the collider. And of course it worked perfect the first time so the problem had to be somewhere else