Realflow and C4D Team Render

On 24/05/2018 at 05:44, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Hi guys

Does anyone have experience with Realflow in Cinema4D and Team Render?

My problem is that everytime I render Realflow in Team Render it won't render all Realflow Frames. One frame is right and the other one doesn't show up (like a shutter mistake).

All Realflow Caches are in a open folder, accessible for all Team Render Clients.

Render on my lokal machine without Team Render works fine.

I'm really lost here, so anyone who can help?❤

thanks a lot!

On 25/05/2018 at 08:02, xxxxxxxx wrote:


welcome to the Plugin Café forums 🙂
Unfortunately you have ended up in a forum completely focused on 3rd party developers. We can't help with the usage of certain plugins, sorry. I recommend to try a Next Limit/RealFlow forum instead.