Accidentally deleted my script - how to prevent it

On 22/05/2018 at 08:50, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Sometimes, somehow, when I want to delete something in C4D (an object, a tag, whatever) a "do you want to delete the script?" dialog box appears - maybe if I don't click precisely on the stuff I want to delete, and therefore the script manager remains the active window. Already happened this before, I pressed NO, but never knew why it happens.

Today I successfully deleted a script I was working on for a few days. Just pressed delete after clicking on a texture tag, pressed enter without reading the popup text, and instead of the tag my script was gone. I remember CLEARLY that I saw the orange bounding box around the tag which shows it became selected after clicking, so I was ABSULULETY sure that I'm deleting the tag... But not.

I started experimenting with this, because I couldn't believe that I'm so lame. What I discovered: if you select anything to delete, and you accidentally push your mouse so your cursor is hovering over the script manager window, and then press the delete button on your keyboard, it asks if you want to delete the script. If you press enter, the script is gone. No, not just from the script manager, it deletes it from your hard drive, and the file isn't even in the recycle bin, it's GONE FOREVER. Try it if you don't believe me, it looks like a deliberate insult against the tired and therefore a little bit unperceptive user. :( I want to disable this somehow, because if I want to destroy 2 days of my productivity, there are much more fun alternatives to do it than simply deleting it AFTER finishing it :)

(Sorry for the long post, I'm a little bit upset now because this)

On 23/05/2018 at 05:12, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Good morning Gery, thanks for writing us.

First things first: we, as the SDK Team, have a clear and precise understanding of the relevance of the communication style in this forum and using a rough wording in the context of sharing information and concerns is highly discouraged. Although we might be able to understand your frustration, using such a wording doesn't increase the discussion effectiveness nor reduce our time to resolution. It's just superfluous garbage around which I'm going to remove from your post.

With reference to the reported behavior, being not directly related to any SDK topic, I can only forward to the UX Department leaving up to them the decision.

Best, Riccardo