In/Exclude List Accept/Refuse

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I'd like the In/Exclude lists on my object node plugin to only accept objects that cache to polygons.  I'm aware of the ACCEPT/REFUSE flags in the .res file but as far as I can tell the ids expected here are Object Types.

I suppose one solution would be to build a list of accepted object types, but in that case my In/Exclude list would not accept objects defined in plugins.

The last option I can think of would be to use a list of refused object types.  This would accept objects defined in plugins, but would also accept non-polygonal objects defined in plugins!

Is there anyway to indicate to my In/Exclude list that I want to accept only objects that contain polygonal caches?

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Hi darby, thanks for writing us

Actually the desired mechanism can be achieved by overriding the NodeData::SetDParameter() method in your ObjectData() class. There you can check if the objects which the user is attempting to include in your list are "allowed" and eventually proceed to create a new c4d.InExcludeData() based on this allowed object which will then be used for the in/exclude list.

Hoping it helps, give best.