Is it safe to free with super?

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Is it safe to do this...?

PolygonObject* polygon = PolygonObject::Alloc( pointCount, polygonCount );
// Fill polygon
BaseObject* baseObject = static_cast<BaseObject *>( polygon );
BaseObject::Free( baseObject );

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I think it may be the same, both ::Free calls do the exact same function (if you look at the definition).

void PolygonObject::Free(PolygonObject*& bl)
    bl = nullptr;
void BaseObject::Free(BaseObject*& bl)
    bl = nullptr;

and the Free function is a library function declared as:

void (*Free)(C4DAtom *at);  

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Hi rsodre, i confirm that, although not representing an ordinary approach, you can safely use the parent's Free method to destroy a derived class.

Best, Riccardo

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Nice, thanks!