FileMonitor deprecated

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Cinema 4D Version:   R19 
Platform:   Windows  ;   
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The documentation mentions (in its manual) that the FileMonitor is deprecated and will be replaced in a future release.
So, what should we use in the meantime?

Still rely on this FileMonitor class, and re-implement the whole when the new replacement is available, or ignore this FileMonitor and use some other mechanism? (which one?)

I am looking into using presets (files) stored in a folder, and would want to know when user adds/removes/renames/updates preset, in order to update the list of presets in combobox or similar.

I could keep a cache, with filenames, timestamps, etc ... and check if things have changed. That would be fine when using the preset to check for changes and sync when needed, but this way I will not get triggered when something has changed before actually using the preset.

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Hi C4DS,

I will ask you a little bit of patience, due to off-day you will probably get an answer only Wednesday.


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sorry, Wednesday was one of those lost days...

While FileMonitor is deprecated, it is still valid and the only option we currently provide. The deprecation note is only there to make developers aware of upcoming changes, so they can prepare to rework such code pieces. Unfortunately I still can not say,l when the replacement will arrive...