Can't drag motion layers

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Cinema 4D Version:   19.053 
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Hello, I have been working a lot with rigging animation from Mixamo, usually I create some character animation there, then I import animated FBX to C4D.

When I have animated joints, my character usually requires some adjustments, I go to Animate - Add Motion Clip and bake PSR animation, everything get collapsed to one motion layer (base layer) then to add my own adjustments, I go to Add Layer either in the motion-system tag or adding new relative layer in Animate -> Add Relative Animation Layer then I did my own keyframes 2 or 3 keyframes to adjust general animation (for example Spread hands so they do not intersect the body). It worked all the time, but in version R19 something happen with Motion Clips and I cannot longer drag layers above Base layer, it just doesn't drag above anymore and always stays under the base layer.

1. How to drag new layer in the Motion Timeline? For example layer 0 and layer 1, I want to switch them in the order, it is impossible, they don't geet dragged.

2. Why when I add new layers they are automatically put under the base layer?

I have been questioning this in the other forums, few people have confirmed odd behavior.  Maxon please fix this bug, it is a critical bug for animators.

Thank you.

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welcome to the Plugin Café forums :slightly_smiling_face:

Actually this is a forum completely focused on plugin development and developer related questions. We can't help with user related questions as yours here, sorry.
I suggest our support form on our website for such questions.