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Can anybody help me with this linking texture path to octane IMAGE TEXTURE shader, i just wanted to push myself how to link it.
And also how to link light color.
i upload my source so that you can easily understand what i'm trying to say. since i'm very new to python and try to push my limits but can't figure out how to link it. It will be very grateful if anyone who can help me out.

Here is my sample code.

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Hi mama,

I think that getting the user input - filename should be done different.
For example use: print "op[LINK_TEXTURE]: ", op[LINK_TEXTURE]

Then you have to put into the skytag.
Remember it is a shader.

Hope this helps.


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unfortunately MAXON's SDK Team can't help with third party plugins. We will leave this question open to our community. Another option would probably be an Octane forum.

In our C++ docs we have a manual about shaders (creating such and modifying the parameters), so that might help a bit as well: BaseShader manual.

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Below code should do the trick.
This sets the given image file in the tag.
However, in my demo Octane version, nothing changes, but that might be due to my Octane (un)experience or an old version.

        if not (op[LINK_TEXTURE] is None) :
            shd = c4d.BaseList2D(c4d.Xbitmap)
            skytag[c4d.ENVIRONMENTTAG_TEXTURE] = shd