Saving EXR?

On 28/06/2018 at 16:49, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Could you check this code? I'm not able to see any difference on saved files. Always saving at same compression.

    BaseBitmap \*multiBmp = BaseBitmap::Alloc();

    multiBmp->Init(1024,1024, 32);


    BaseContainer dataBc, optBc;


    optBc.SetInt32(0, (Int32)4); // EXR compressions

    optBc.SetBool(1, TRUE);  //  16-bit

    for(Float i=0;i<360.0;i+=0.2)


        Float a = PI\*i/180.0;


        multiBmp->Line(512,512,512+512\*cos(a), 512+512\*sin(a));


    dataBc.SetContainer(0, optBc);

    multiBmp->Save("d:/test1.exr", FILTER_EXR, &dataBc, SAVEBIT_MULTILAYER);


    optBc.SetInt32(0, (Int32)6); // EXR compressions

    optBc.SetBool(1, FALSE);  //  16-bit

    dataBc.SetContainer(0, optBc);

    multiBmp->Save("d:/test2.exr", FILTER_EXR, &dataBc, SAVEBIT_MULTILAYER);

On 29/06/2018 at 08:44, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Hello Ahmet,

I suppose you are working in R19?
Unfortunately due to internal changes such parameters can currently not be changed.
See this thread: [Render settings] File format Options R19
While that's about render settings, it boils down to the same internal issue.
I hope this situation will be fixed with one of the next versions.