Assigning a specific object to take

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I'm working with lots of takes and objects.

Sometimes I make mistakes or take too long to set it up.

So I'm going to use Python to simplify this.

I do not know what function to use when I look at the document.

Which function should I use?

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welcome to the Plugin Café forums :slightly_smiling_face:

Did you see our example scripts for the take system?
For example the script should already roughly do, what you are looking for.

Furthermore our C++ documentation contains a bunch of articles (we call them manuals) about the take system. While of course in C++ most code snippets are probably short and simple enough to easily make use of them in Python as well.

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Just realized you were cross-posting this question in C4DCafe.
I'd kindly ask you not to do this or if doing so, at least leave a link to the other cross posts. The problem is, several people might be redundantly investing time on your request.

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Thanks for the reply
I'm studying  examples you gave me.

I understand what you mean.
So I deleted the article in c4dcafe.