How to catch Double-Click in objects manager?

On 19/03/2018 at 11:21, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Hello plugincafe 🙂

I would like to perform some operations after double-clicking on the plugin in C4D's Objects Manager.
Few months ago, I found a way to accomplish this task and successfully tested it but unfortunately I didn't save it in my final plugin.

On 19/03/2018 at 13:17, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Figured it out.
I simply had to check it via MSG_EDIT

On 19/03/2018 at 13:19, xxxxxxxx wrote:

But I found this info in C++ docs. Seems like it's missing for python but it's working in the code.

On 20/03/2018 at 10:37, xxxxxxxx wrote:


thanks for pointing out this gap in the Python docs. Should be fixed with the next docs release.