BaseDraw.DrawHUDText() Zbuffer

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Hello. Is there a way to bring the text drawn with .DrawHUDText() in front of everything. And if I have multiple different text objects - to set the correct 'layering' between them. BaseDraw.LineZOffset() doesn't seem to work, if I set it to any positive value - the text is no longer visible at all.


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As noted in the BaseView / BaseDraw Manual 2D Drawing Operations, DrawHUDText() and DrawMultipleHUDText() should be used from within a scene hook Draw().
You don't rely on the scene hierarchy plus you can draw in whatever pass and order needed in a scene hook, so it's recommended to perform 2D drawings from this type of plugin (see the article 2D viewport drawing using a SceneHook).

Unfortunately it's not possible to write SceneHookData plugins in Python.