Change filter of the one view

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I'm trying to change a grid filter that only the perspective view.

I was predictable, my code doesn't work.
The following code changes grid filter for all viewport.

    bd = doc.GetActiveBaseDraw()
    drawFilter = bd.GetDisplayFilter()
    cam = bd.GetEditorCamera()
    projection = cam.GetProjection()
    if projection == c4d.Pperspective:
        if drawFilter & c4d.DISPLAYFILTER_GRID:
            bd[c4d.BASEDRAW_DISPLAYFILTER_GRID] = False
            bd[c4d.BASEDRAW_DISPLAYFILTER_GRID] = True

Could I change grid filter for one of a view or only perspective view?
If it possible, where can I get this information in the SDK?

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I'm afraid you've hit a limitation. It's not possible to change the filter for only one view.
The display filter is synchronized for all views and the API doesn't allow to circumvent this limitation.

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Hi Yannick,

Thank you tell me this information:thumbsup:


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In fact it's possible to change the filter for a specific view via the UI with the following steps:
Options->Configure->Filter->Right-click on a parameter->Make Parameter Local

Unfortunately there's no way to do this with the API.

See the Cinema 4D documentation here.

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Hi Yannick,

Thanks to you I was able to make small scripts.
Thank you!!