Size of empty polygon object is not increased.

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Hi Everyone,

I have created empty polygon object using the below code.

BaseObject* const polygonobj = BaseObject::Alloc(Opolygon);

The plane is created successfully but its size always showing 0. I have tried to increase the size but I don't get the proper result. Please give me some idea why it is not increasing.

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Your code is maybe just lacking a call to Message(MSG_UPDATE) after the polygon object is changed.
Rounded Tube SDK example calls it like this.

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I have tried but not getting the proper result.

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Where are you doing this? Could you share some code?

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Thank you so much, Yannick Puech. Just now the issue is resolved. I have changed the value of the Cpolygon parameters. I have one more doubt there is any special API to change the color of material that is applied on texture tag. I have found some code to change the color of the object but it is not working with texture tag. I am copying the sample code.

ObjectColorProperties ocp;

ocp.usecolor = 1;

ocp.color = Vector(0.5, 0.0, 0.0);

ocp.xray = FALSE;



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As you mentioned, you have a material applied. And of course, you'll have to change the diffuse color of the material (either color channel or PBR->Reflectance channel, Diffuse base layer color)
Your object does have a texture tag applied, so you are able to access the linked material via GetMaterial().

From there, you are able to alter the materials' parameters.

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ObjectColorProperties is used for object's Display Color parameter.
As already explained by mp5gosu, to change the color of the material applied to an object, access the material from its TextureTag.

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