GetAllTextures() and the take system

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I've noticed GetAllTextures() does not seem to account for take overrides.  Is this correct? Should I iterate through each override to search for additional textures?

How does the 'Save Project with Assets' command collect all the textures?


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Hi Kevin,

unfortunately our documentation is not correct (or at least ambiguous) here. And it also misses to mention a fact.
The isNet parameter of GetAllTextures() indeed defaults to true (the prototype at least suggests differently). Now, for rendering, it can always be one take rendered at once and especially for net rendering, a reduced amount of transferred textures is desirable. So, with isNeet being true, GetAllTextures() delivers only the textures of the current take. Set the parameter to false to get all.

Internally GetAllTextures() works with a broadcast of MSG_GETALLASSETS (MultiMessage() to the dcoument) and in the flags it uses ASSETDATA_FLAG_CURRENTTAKEONLY if the isNet parameter is set to true.

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Thanks Andreas!  That clears it all up 🙂