Data driven Animation

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Cinema 4D Version:   19 
Platform:   Windows  ;   
Language(s) :     C++  ;  XPRESSO  ;


Is it possible to drive a C4D Animation by data?
Especially, I want to gather data patterns in a database like SQL, mySQL or NoSQL and work with a real time connection to C4D.
Maybe not only with C4D SDK tools possible?

I imagine to use movement or voice patterns to be loaded and calculated/mixed with existing animations.

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You may want to look at Tags in Cinema 4D. This sounds like something an expression tag could do.
The tag gets executed every frame, allowing it to update any property of its host (but also any other)
object in the scene.

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Niklas' suggestion is certainly one good option and I don't dare to add more, unless we have a better idea, what you finally want to achieve.

Two additions from our side:

The lookatcamera TagData example might be worth a look. In the end it is changing the camera#s rotation based on some condition (in your case this would be coming from the database of course).

Niklas was not hundred percent precise, when saying a tag gets executed every frame. Actually a tag gets executed whenever the scene gets evaluated/executed. This may be caused by arbitrary events, etc. So one shouldn't rely on execution just happening once per frame.