Change Xpresso Object Node Ref with Python

On 18/02/2018 at 01:00, xxxxxxxx wrote:

i have a scene with a null, a cube and a sphere,
that null has a xpresso tag on it and a bunch of user data sliders
inside xpresso i made connections between null user data and an object node named "MyObject" referenced to the cube which controls cube's position;
is it possible to change that "MyObject" node reference from cube to sphere with a python script?

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welcome to the Plugin Café forums Smile

Actually you don't need any scripting at all to achieve this.

Here's option one to solve it in Xpresso, just by assigning another object to an object node:

In order to avoid the above mentioned downside, you can use an object reference node, see here:

And then lastly, if you want to do it in Python, there's GvNode.OperatorSetData(), which can be used to assign another object to an object node. The mode to use there is GV_OP_DROP_IN_BODY.

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Hi Andreas,
actually switch node is a perfect solution for this example
but my real situation is a bit more complicated and i think python is the only way!
that GvNode.OperatorSetData() helped me but now i don't know how to use it for that specific node named "MyObject" 

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so you basically need to get hold of the GvNode "MyObject".
There are different ways to achieve this, also depending on where you implement it (in a Python Scripting node or a Script Manager script or ...). The following function should help with this: XPressoTag.GetNodeMaster(), GvNodeMaster.GetRoot() (and from there with the usual GeListNode tools).

And then it's just calling OperatorSetData(), roughly like so:

myObjNode.OperatorSetData(c4d.GV_ATOM, theOtherObject, c4d.GV_OP_DROP_IN_BODY)

On 20/02/2018 at 08:05, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Thanks Andreas
i finally got it workin'
that last step could also be achieved by setting GV_OBJECT_OBJECT_ID directly 🙂
this is the final code:

import c4d
def main() :

Cube = doc.SearchObject('Cube')
Remote = doc.SearchObject('Remote') #user data holder
RemoteXP = Remote.GetTag(c4d.Texpresso)
RemoteNodes = RemoteXP.GetNodeMaster()
Root = RemoteNodes.GetRoot()
MyNodes = Root.GetChildren()
for child in MyNodes:
if child[c4d.ID_BASELIST_NAME] == 'MyObject':
child[c4d.GV_OBJECT_OBJECT_ID] = Cube
#child.OperatorSetData(c4d.GV_ATOM, Cube, c4d.GV_OP_DROP_IN_BODY)


if __name__=='__main__':