Resize main window across 2 monitors

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I have a c4d layout which stretches the main window across both of my monitors, but when I start up c4d, it squashes it back to fit on one monitor, is there any way to stop this? if it is not a possible feature is there a way to use a script to resize the window?

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I was thinking about using autohotkey but thought I'd check if there's a way with c4d, thanks for this link!

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Hi Nick,

Cinema 4D's API has no means to resize windows.

I guess, you could use external tools, which react on certain processes or windows and then are able to resize or move windows, but in the end I'm not sure, this will lead to the desired effect. In the end, the docked dialogs in your layout are unlikely to scale in the way you want, when the window gets resized.

Instead, what I prefer to use here (also because my monitors are of different size and resolution) is a two window layout for Cinema 4D.

Call in the menu Window->Customization->New Group Window...

The resulting new window can be renamed to your liking, can be positioned and maximized on the second monitor and in the end behaves exactly like Cinema 4D's main window, so you can dock button palettes, dialogs and also view panels.

Then in the end just save the layout and optionally make it your new startup layout.