Limit a material to a selection tag

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I created a python script that allows to assign several materials to a mesh object

The following three lines of code allow this operation:

textag = c4d.TextureTag()

But in addition, I want to limit each material to a selection tag

For the mesh, I already know the list of the names of this selections.

At first, I guess I have to extract, for the meh, the list of all selections tag to get their ID

Then I would have to limit each material to the selection tag

How to proceed ?

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As it seems, there is no specific function in the API for setting the selection, you need to go through SetParameter.

A sample can be found in the C++ documentation:

    BaseTag* polygonSelection = object->GetTag(Tpolygonselection);   
    if (polygonSelection)   
      const String selectionName = polygonSelection->GetName();   
      textureTag->SetParameter(DescID(TEXTURETAG_RESTRICTION), selectionName, DESCFLAGS_SET_0);   

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Thank you for these lines of code.

What helped me is the parameter TEXTURETAG_RESTRICTION

Under python, we need the ID of the material-tag and the name of the selection.

It's like that:

 **material_tag_id[c4d.TEXTURETAG_RESTRICTION] = 'name_selection'**

It is true that writing in C ++ is more elegant.

But python is more flexible than C ++

Currently, I am rewriting all my coffee scripts, in python !

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glad the solution was already delivered.

Just adding some info for future readers:

The code snippet cited by Cairyn is from the TextureTag manual, maybe a good read to get some more context.

What helped me is the parameter  TEXTURETAG_RESTRICTION

You can drag any parameter from Attribute Manager to the Command Line (usually found under the Console) to find out about the ID. In this case, drag the "Selection" label from the Texture tag to the command line.
Another option is to look directly into the resource files in <installation dir>/resource/modules. In this case you'll find c4dplugin/description/ttexture.res.