python generater use python effector data

On 28/01/2018 at 18:49, xxxxxxxx wrote:

hi  all

i want to know how to use python effector data in python generater , can i give clone a attribute like 
houdini?or just define a global variable?

hope your answer!

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welcome to the Plugin Café forums 🙂

Unfortunately I'm not sure where you are heading for. As MoGraph and Effectors is a complex topic, can you please try to be a bit more specific, what you are actually trying to achieve?

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for example, if i get a list in  python effector (such as falloff samples or other things ),how can i read it in python generator? thank you!

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I'm terribly sorry, but I still don't get it.

I assume you are talking about a Python Effector in "Deformation Mode: Object" (or similar) instead of the more common MoGraph Effector use-case. But still, why would a object generator want to know about a deformer or an effector? The generator just creates some arbitrary (in the end the polygon cache) and in the following this mesh may be changed/modified/deformed/effected by other objects like for example the Python Effector.

Currently I'm thinking, that you might try to achieve something in a "not so Cinema 4D way" of doing things. I'd really like to help to get you on the right track, but therefore I need to get an idea of the results you want to achieve. If that's a sensitive topic, you don't want to discuss publicly, there's always the option to contact us via mail directly: [email protected].

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Thank you for your patience to answer🙂
maybe i should use" Cinema 4D way"  to achieve things or just Write a plug-in.
thank you very much!