Manage points handle for object modifier

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I would like to draw some polygons in wireframe mode in the Draw method of a plugins.ObjectData (especially a modifier object), and manage to move the drawn points like in the FFD Object or the Bezier Object.

Do I have to create one handle per point or is there a other way than the handles ?


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Hi Cesar, thanks for writing us.

With reference to your request, it's relevant to register your ObjectData with both OBJECT_POiNTOBJECT and OBJECT_MODIFIER. This will give you the chance to cast your GeListNode to PointObject (in ObjectData::Init) and the BaseObject to a PointObject in (ObjectData::Draw and ObjectData::ModifyObject).

A direct application of this approach is shown in the LatticePlane modifier published on our GitHub repo.

Let me know if any further support is needed.

Best, Riccardo

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Thanks, it works like a charm.