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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to create a progression bar into my UI, but having difficulties in making it progress and stop when it finishes.

Base on this great example, I manage to make it work, but there is a difference that want to happen.

Instead of having a timer, would like the bar to progress when a function finishes.
For example:

|_______| 0%

Def 1:
Do Something
progressbar += 1

|==|____| 33%

Def 2:
Do Something
progressbar += 1

|====|__| 66%

Def 3:
Do Something
progressbar += 1

|======| 100%

If I create a function that adds the progress, unfortunately when it gets to end it does not display the message, has it seems is not running the Message Built-In Function.

def Message(self, msg, result) :
        if msg.GetId() == c4d.BFM_TIMER_MESSAGE:
            if self.progress==10:
                return True
        return gui.GeDialog.Message(self, msg, result)

I'm trying to understand the logic for this and been struggling for a bit.
Apologies if this sounds confusion and will try my best to add any information needed.

Thank you in advance! :slightly_smiling_face:


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As I understand, you don't use a timer in your dialog so BFM_TIMER_MESSAGE is never send.
For each of the 3 progress step send the update message to the progress bar with:

self.progress += 1.0/3.0
progressMsg[c4d.BFM_STATUSBAR_PROGRESS] = self.progress

Then after the last step with a progress of 1.0 the progress dialog can be closed.

Note there's an issue in the code I posted in the thread you linked. The dialog is closed after 11 timer calls while this should be done after 10.
self.progress==10 is checked in BFM_TIMER_MESSAGE after the 11th timer call. To fix this the code in Message() for BFM_TIMER_MESSAGE should be moved at the end of Timer().
In fact Timer() is called for each BFM_TIMER_MESSAGE so there's no reason to use both in a dialog. Moreover this has lead to the previous issue.

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Hi Yannick,

Apologies for the slow reply! Just had a chance of seeing this today.

Thank you very much for your time and help!
Will have a look and come back to you. But it does make sense.

Thank you again! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just to let everyone know that it works like a charm!

You're a star Yannick! :slightly_smiling_face: