Python generator after making editable

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I noticed that some of the C4D generators can return another object when making it editable.
for example, subdivision surface has 2 subdivision types. When this generator is 'alive' it returns geometry with a value set to subdivision editor, but after making it editable, we are getting another object with a value of subdivision renderer...
I wonder if it is possible to execute some other code when turning object generator plugin or python generator, into an editable object.

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A generator checks the BUILDFLAGS in GetVirtualObjects() to return the correct geometry.
When an object is made editable the flag is set to BUILDFLAGS_EXTERNALRENDERER. Then the generator should return the render geometry representation.

The BUILDFLAGS have to be retrieved from a HierarchyHelp object.
Unfortunately this class is not available in the Python API, so hh variable in a Python generator is an opaque object ( PyCObject ). This is also the case for the hh parameter of ObjectData.GetVirtualObjects().
So this is a limitation and there is no way to obtain the current BUILDFLAGS with the Python API.