Remapping textures in non-diffuse channels

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how would one do this in between version R16 and R17 since the method "GetAllReflectionShaders()" is only available from R17.032 on?

For versions prior R16 you can of course use [MATERIAL_REFLECTION_SHADER] but this has gone in R16 due to reflectance. So is one lost in between R16 and R17.032 when it comes to retrieving shaders loaded in a shader slot in reflectance channel?

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I'm afraid back in R16 no proper Python API existed to access reflectance layer settings.

So the only way to get the shaders would be somewhat of a hack. You could try to get a shader that is used in the material and then run over the whole shader tree. But this would obviously fail if there is no other shader outside the reflectance channel.

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