Add audio track?

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I have an MP4 video file used as a texture on an object.

I would like to use the audio from the video, too. Is it possible with Python?

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I'm afraid this isn't possible with Python. Sound support is limited in Cinema 4D.

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I'm afraid this isn't possible with Python. Sound support is limited in Cinema 4D.

Are you sure?

I found references to the sound track in the c4d.CTrack section of the documentation, but it doesn't tell more about its usage:

There is also a class named c4d.SoundEffectorData, so I believe there are possibilities to use and manipulate sound with Python, just need to figure out, how...

EDIT: Google found this topic with the keywords c4d CTsound. Plugin Cafe Forum's search engine doesnt't find it when I search for "sound" in topics... Strange.

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Sorry my first post wasn't clear. I meant Cinema 4D does not provide a way to extract sound from an mp4 video to use it separately.
What do you want to do with the sound?

A CTsound track can be created but the sound must be loaded from a file only. Streams aren't supported.

Sound Effector is designed to used in the context of MoGraph to control clones using sound.

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I have a 3D timeline with video player windows popping out of it at specified points of time. When the window appears, it starts playing a video from a predefined frame, and I would like the sound of the video to play in sync with the video.

It's not a big problem if I need to batch convert the video files to WAV's... Just need to know how to add the WAV to the audio track of the C4D project, and how to set it to be sync with the video (for example: I have a 2 minutes long video, and I would like to use a 10 seconds long part of it, between 0m:15s:10f - 0m:25s:10f without cropping it out in Premiere Pro or similar)