Checking given link is a material

On 24/12/2017 at 04:16, xxxxxxxx wrote:

I have a dialog field where the user can input a material.
I only want to accept materials, so I added ACCEPT{5703;}

But I know there are other options for materials.
For example Shaders, Octane materials, etc..

What is the best way to accept only (all) materials?


On 26/12/2017 at 03:41, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Hi Pim,

To accept any material use Mbase (base type ID for materials) instead of Mmaterial (Cinema standard material ID, 5703 ).
To accept any shader as well add Xbase; inside ACCEPT{}.

It is also possible to filter the accepted elements inside a LINK with MSG_DESCRIPTION_CHECKDRAGANDDROP. See LINK C++ API docs.